The Art of Stopping

We can maintain a healthy soul by simply practicing the art of stopping, even if it’s once a day for just a minute. Intentionally create moments of silence and stillness during the chaos of your busy life, or take time to notice the naturally still and simple moments. This can be just a quick walk to the mailbox, a minute in between binging episodes, or waiting in the doctor’s office. 

You’re a Dragon. Be a Dragon.

You may feel like you’re settling for a mediocre life. You may even feel completely confused about your life’s purpose. But here’s good news: the answer to finding a life of intention is already here. Step out of bed and take one little action at a time. Do what feels right for you. Your answers will reveal themselves through going forward and living. Have the courage to follow your gut, and you will live a journey of intention rather than a life on automatic pilot.

I Once Was Lost But Now I’m Found

Mercy and reconciliation is a homecoming. Even when you feel like you have strayed so far from home, so far from who you truly are, you can always find your way back. Home is so much closer than you believe. Through God’s mercy, you can soar back into the loving arms of your creator, where you truly belong. Once you are home, kill the fattened calf and celebrate who you are. Celebrate where your feet are now, even if there’s a chance you may stray from home again.